01.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Sleep ∞ Over - Altered Zones mix

We’ve recently become rather enamored with Sleep ∞ Over, the work of Texas artist Stefanie Franciotti. Her single ‘Casual Diamond’ on Hippos In Tanks from earlier in the year was a wonderfully lush and full-bodied melding of noise and melody, and her album ‘Forever’ (also due out on Hippos In Tanks this autumn) is an equally beautiful and brutal whole.

Website Altered Zones have asked her to put together the latest in their monthly mix series. The July 2011 mix is an interesting selection, with modern psychedelic offerings from the to-be-Tri-Angle-released Water Borders and LA Vampires collaboration with Ital, to the minimal wave of Oppenheimer Analysis and The Art Of Noise. Listen to the mix’s flurrying sounds and icy depths in full here.

Altered Zones | July 2011 | Mix Series v11 | Sleep ∞ Over by alteredzones

Sleep ∞ Over’s Altered Zones mix tracklist:
01. Carol So Low
02. Waterborders What Wiwant
03. Twinsistermoon Desert Prophecy
04. Dead Can Dance In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated
05. Strawberry Switchblade Go Away
06. Boxbury Beat Windows
07. Aly Us Follow Me
08. LA Vampires Go Ital Streetwise
09. Oppenheimer Analysis New Mexico
10. SURVIVE Cube
11. Decadance On and On
12. [The Art of] Noise Moments in Love
13. Dynooo Huge Apple
14. Troller Winter

Hippos In Tanks will release Sleep ∞ Over’s album ‘Forever’ on 27th September 2011

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