20.09.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Southern Hospitality's Players Ball Reloaded Mix

People don’t dance no more, all they do is buck. Southern Hospitality’s monthly Players Ball night is relocating and expanding and they’ve made a mix to introduce their ethos.

The name suggests the Dirty South but aside from the Waka Flocka and hefty remixes of Cashin’ Out and Same Damn Time the mix is dominated by the young, party-orientated jean vest set. The sparse rhythms and sex-laced lyrics of this “ratchet” style, encapsulated by AKA Frank’s My Dick Ain’t Racist, can sound as blunt and unrefined as the name suggests but makes complete sense on a packed floor. Big hits and the rowdy underground, what’s not to like?

Players Ball Reloaded – with a live PA from AKA Frank – takes place on Friday 20th September at Relay in London.

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