06.07.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 07 // The Warlord

Can you let us know some of the artists on this mix? 

Yes, the mix features The Immortals, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Kebekelektrik, Moderne and Neon to name a few. 

Is there anything recent on here? 

There’s a track by Beni called My Love Sees You on there, also a track by Zongamin and Al Usher. Many of the songs are edits that have been done in recent times, for example Erol Alkan Disco 3000 edit of Dusty Springfield.

Why are you calling yourself The Warlord?

The Warlord is actually a person I knew. He was someone who opened my eyes to certain clubs and a more colourful approach to dance music. We dreamt up this Warlord idea together, we were going to put on club nights and decorate the spaces in tin foil and have glitter raining from the ceilings, the DJ booth would be a space pod and we’d have girls on roller skates giving out free ice creams. It was all looking set to happen at one point, but then we fell out of touch and I could no longer find the chrome barge that he lived on in the canals around Hackney. So, one day I decided I should soldier on with the idea, and get on with making a mixtape. 

Will you be making your own music under this name?

Yes, I’ve already made one song. Its called Les Enfant de L’amour and it features a spoken word vocal from Kai Mystery Jets girlfriend Chloe.

Do you DJ out under this name?

I’ve done a few gigs under this name, and its definitely something I’d like to do more of. I play a lot of vinyl and old disco records, things I’ve found in Oxfams and bargain bins that I think have an extraordinary quality to them. I think as a DJ it’s really important to play records that people might not necessarily know, but that say a lot about your interests and tastes. DJing is about treading that fine line between entertaining people and expressing yourself, and you’d be surprised what people will dance to if you warm them up the right way.

What do you play when you DJ as Mystery Jets? 

When Kai and myself get together to DJ, we tend to play a mixture of styles and genres, to give you a taste, his favourites are the Yeke Yeke version of Sweet Dreams and The Glamour’s  Respect the Party, and mine are Theme from S’express by S’express and Popof’s mix of Tiga’s Sunglasses at Night. But again, its something that’s always evolving the more we do it.

What’s going on with the Jets at the moment? Have you started on your third album? 

We’re very busy at the moment. We wrote a lot of new songs at the start of the year, about seventeen I think, and we’ve just started to record them. We are going to be playing at a number of festivals as well, like Benicassim, Field Day, V festival and Under Age in Victoria Park.

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