New Music
04.05.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Anenon - This Is What I Meant (Laurel Halo remix)

At the heart of the human condition is the struggle to be understood. Sometimes, often, language falls short. LA producer Anenon’s This Is What I Meant, which we premiered back in March, spoke to that eternal need for clarity. Ahead of her debut album ‘Quarantine’ at the end of the month, Brooklyn producer Laurel Halo’s nine-minute remix stretches and explores that desire, running threads and ideas down a thousand maze-like corridors. The elements twist and turn yet, water-like, return as one to the source. There is something incredibly comforting in that.

Laurel Halo’s remix features on Ad Hoc’s compilation and her debut album ‘Quarantine’ will be released on Hyperdub on 28th May 2012

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