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03.03.2021, Words by dummymag

Animai steps into weighty 140 BPM territory on 'Island'

"In fact, the track really calms me down. I've accidentally written my own personal lullaby..."

London-based jazz-influenced electronica artist Animai emerged from the underground, taking inspiration from dubstep’s weightiness among other things.

‘Island’, her latest single, revisits the world of 140 BPM while paying homage to the atmospheric qualities of Zero 7.

Of ‘Island’, Animai says: “I wanted the production to match the emotional intention, but slowly the track turned into a paradox (calm music with turbulent lyrics) which I actually prefer – in fact, the track really calms me down. I’ve accidentally written my own personal lullaby”.

We’ve been working with Animai via our DMY Artists, helping to release her ‘Tigers‘ single (which gained a live string instrument version) as well as remixes from Youngsta, DayZero and Square One.

Listen to ‘Island’ below.

The original has been given an even weightier 140 spin with a rework by dubstep lynchpin LX ONE. “His remix goes even deeper into the unknown depths of the sea…. you know where those jellyfish that light up live, haha!” Animai says. “It also has an element of Massive Attack about it which I love.”

Listen to the remix below.

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