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20.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Becoming Real – Paramnesia

Becoming Real, who has been making art-y grime for a couple of years now, has taken a bit more of a positive step, by the sounds of this new song. Toby Ridler, to give him his birth name, has released on a range of labels, including Ramp, Not Even and Tough Love, as well has his own Cold World Industries. His music began, in 2010, by offering an irredeemably twisted take on the eski sound of Wiley and other early grime stars, painting those sounds as harsh white or cold black as possible. But more and more, his sound is evolving into its own disparate emotional world, full of its own internal logic but able to express fluently a range of human experience. Which is to say, he’s now making songs that don’t sound like a five minutes after really, really heavy breakup.

This song, named after the inability to delineate fantasy from reality, is out on an EP on GetMe! in April.

Paramnesia-becoming REAL by Becoming Real

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