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24.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Bobby Basil Unveils Gritty New Single 'Dirty White Tee'

Track is accompanied by a visceral, self-directed music video

Dublin's own Bobby Basil, a force in the Irish hip-hop scene, returns with a compelling new single, ‘Dirty White Tee.’ Known for his raw storytelling and visceral lyrical style, the track doesn't shy away from the harsh truths. 

The song, which is accompanied by a music video directed and co-written by Bobby Basil alongside Megan Robinson, addresses the escalating drug crisis in Dublin, particularly the spread of heroin laced with fentanyl, which has led to a surge in overdoses and devastation for countless families. Through his unflinching lyrics and the confronting visual, Bobby Basil paints a vivid, almost cinematic picture of a couple ensnared in addiction, battling domestic violence, and haunted by the ever-present threat of overdose. 

Bobby Basil first gained attention as part of the alternative hip-hop duo Dah Jevu, known for their provocative videos and politically charged lyrics.

Ever since, Bobby Basil has continually pushed boundaries, challenging norms within the hip-hop genre. ‘Dirty White Tee’ further cements his reputation as an innovative and thought-provoking storyteller, unafraid to confront and illuminate the stark realities of life.

'Dirty White Tee' is out now.

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