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27.08.2015, Words by Aurora Mitchell

Champion - Bowser's Castle VIP

Formula Records' owner Champion is gracing us with a new 3 track EP of VIPs of tracks of his from the past 2 years. As well as one of Cannon from his split with Terror Danjah earlier this year and also 2014's Execution, the release features a VIP of Bowser's Castle

The track initially came out via one of the UK's most essential labels, Hyperdub, back in 2013. Living up to its title, Bowser's Castle wrestles between flittering 8-bit notes and a whomping bassline – sounding like the soundtrack to a hypercharged Mariokart level. You can listen to the VIP below ahead of it's official release next month. 

VIP comes out via Formula Records on 18th September 2015 (pre-order.

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