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18.09.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

The Count and Sinden: "Hits are made in bedrooms."

Mega started out as with us saying Let’s make a club smash to soundtrack our club nights . We urgently needed to hit the lab – our little rave bunker located in the back of Josh’s (The Count) flat. Navigate past the fridge inexplicably stuck in the hall, Martelo’s laundry and the row of tea-with-honey mugs you finally arrive at our room within a room. There’s enough space for 3 but any more and you’re pushing it – standing room only. It’s where we produce and record everything – vocals too. All sorts of stars have passed through here. It’s a real contrast from the air conned plush Soho studios they’re more accustomed to but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hits are made in bedrooms and flats!

Back to Mega then. Our seasonal club nights Mega Mega Mega were making noise. An idea hatched in a local pub actually came into fruition and we were soon booking Chase & Status, Skream, The Mystery Jets and more in tiny, grotty East London places like On The Rocks and eyes-down intimate spaces like Plastic People. Mega was the perfect accompaniment to partner these loose and chaotic parties.  Stylistically it’s inspired by the beat patterns of UK funky but it leans more towards the bleep techno of UFO. After the drum workout intro we got into the breakdown which was the real challenge. We halved the speed of the breakdown and added the heavy strings. Josh recalled Black Sabbaths ‘Iron Man’ from god knows where so we recorded him throwing the Mega hook down and robotized his voice to shit.

Mega is out now.

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