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28.02.2013, Words by dummymag

Deadboy - 'BLAQUWERK' EP

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Numbers are apparently going to put out a string of new releases (not to mention throwing a big ol’ party at the Pleasure Principle festival in April), and the first of which comes from the faultless Deadboy. The ‘BLAQUEWERK’ EP (all caps, apparently) opens with On Your Mind, a slow house track that shows Deadboy making tentative steps into using his own, heavily processed voice instead of sampled and repitched divas. It starts off deep and dark, a simple forward momentum far removed from the funky drum patterns of the past, but it erupts into humungous bright chords in the middle – and it’s ace. Geek’d Up is more stripped back, a somewhat more straightforward piano house track, whilst Black Rain is a slab of pitch black garage. Closer Nova runs along with a speedy breakbeat and all sounds a little bit Burial.

Numbers will release ‘BLAQUEWERK’ on 25th March.

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