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30.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Dean Blunt - Papi

Hot on the heels of a release date being named for Dean Blunt’s forthcoming album ‘The Redeemer’, here’s a first taster of it in the shape of Papi. Over a clear-as-day sample of Pink Floyd’s psych-odyssey Echoes, Blunt’s refrain of “You bring out the best in me” is charged with romantic affection, but is instantly problematised as he pleads, “It’s not about the things I did to you”. Then, in a manner reminiscent of ‘The Narcissist II’s’ penchant for throwing in an abrupt burst of fireworks or a tense movie clip, a countdown down from ten pulls the plug on all the emotion and thoughtfulness – just as it was at its most charged. Papi is over before you know it, but as is often the way in the world of Hype Williams, the lingering air of uncertainty is palpable.

World Music/Hippos In Tanks will release ‘The Redeemer’ on the 1st May

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