New Music
11.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Deptford Goth – No Man [MP3]

From the depths of Deptford comes an astounding whisper, the inverted imperial majesty of Deptford Goth. Too shy to leave the bedroom, too strong to stay, his tracks have been doing the whole floating-around-the-Constant-Super-Index thing for a year or so. In line with that blend of R&B and post-dubstep that we find so alluring, Daniel Woolhouse adds the classic songcraft and fey glamour of Orange Juice and the rusty, wandering warmth of Robert Wyatt to the mix, making music that is striking, personal and utterly gripping. It’s nice-tea radicalism, romantic modernism, far-out things dreamt up in invincible green suburbs.

Merok, a label who care, noticed this before anyone else and will release his debut EP, ‘Youth II’ (previously a tape-only thing, which I have been literally jamming since I bought it at the Indie Label Market), in October. It’s a wonderful set of songs that we welcome the existence of, and you can download one of which, No Man, above.

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