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27.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Owen Pallett - Hard to Explain (The Strokes cover) [MP3]

Experimental composer, vocalist and violinist Owen Pallett was one of eleven artists asked by Stereogum to re-work a song from The Strokes’ breakthrough album ‘Is This It’. The resulting efforts were released this week as the album ‘Stroked’, to mark the tenth anniversary of the original’s debut.

Pallett’s contribution, though among strong company, is glaringly beautiful, with a traditional string section soaring over his muted, melancholy voice and some dramatic piano. The climax comes in abrupt stops, twice gasping to a halt, and frantic moments of violin versus voice. Download it for free here.

The album is one to make time in your day for, with other gems including covers by Austra, Heems and Wise Blood.

Stereogum released ‘Stroked’ on the 26th July 2011.

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