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10.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Eskmo - Buffalo

From the bubbling grooves of Cloudlight, to the tech-shuffle of 1996, Eskmo has proved to be a pretty effortless genre-hopper on his releases to date. But there’s frequently an appealing heftiness in his sound, and while pulsing with machismo, it’s one not bereft of brain cells.

Eskmo’s latest EP is out in a few weeks, and here’s the first taster from it. Buffalo moves with such heavyweight vigour, and one that certainly puts you in mind of fellow North Americans like Ninja Tune’s Lorn. But you also hear the metallic funk jabs of Jam City echoing throuhgout the track, and just the presence of those excessive, 80s-style drum rolls give Buffalo a complexity bound to be lost without them.

Eskmo’s own Ancestor label will release the ‘Terra’ EP on the 21st January

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