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23.04.2021, Words by dummymag

Esso delivers an ode to noughties hip-hop on 'Nikes'

We've been working with Esso via our DMY Artists...

West London’s Esso is well known for attacking a range of styles, from Brazilian baile-funk to cloud rap.

We’ve been working with the rapper, singer and producer via our DMY Artists, and last year he dropped ‘Exquisite‘, a genre-less slice of shimmering rap.

Esso is one of those artists who does everything himself: vocalling and producing, his latest single ‘Nikes’ is no exception, finding him drop some ’90s/early 00s hip-hop sounds with an ultra-smooth R&B vocal and chopped-up strings.

On the intro and outro, DJ Rico Mars toasts the track, making for something you might have requested on the music video channel back in the days of old.

Hit play on ‘Nikes’ below or listen via your preferred service here.

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