New Music
30.12.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

There is an anonymous producer you actually need to hear and s/he is called Evian Christ

There has been a lot of anonymous producers making music this year, and frankly, we’re a little tired of it. Still, we just pulled this song from the wire, and it blew my mind. It’s by a producer called Evian Christ, who joined YouTube yesterday, and there is no mention of on the internet apart from a track on BNJMN mix. It’s incredible – stuttering, juke-esque drum patterns with the lightness of touch and harmonic ambition of Clams Casino and the aggressive mystery of Actress. With seven more songs of comparable quality and scope currently on the YouTube channel, we fully expect to hear more from Evian Christ, whoever he or she is, in 2012. You can hear three tracks below via videos, one of which, Drip, has just one view at the time of print. Make sure it doesn’t stay there.

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