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11.08.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Farrah joins forces with Idris Jones on sultry new single 'Good For Me'

"I wrote this song about the fear of falling in love again after you’ve been hurt in the past..."

Farrah has teamed up with rising Stoke talent Idris Jones on new single, ‘Good For Me’.  

The new track sees Farrah strip her sound back to the sultry, infectious pull of early ‘00s RnB, grappling with themes of fear, trust and rejection.

“I wrote this song about the fear of falling in love again after you’ve been hurt in the past”, Farrah says of ‘Good For Me’. “It can be so difficult trying to re-learn how to trust and let go again in order to give the right person a chance. I wanted to bring Idris in on this, not only because I’m a huge fan of his work, but also to bring his perspective on something close to my heart.”

Stream 'Good For Me' below or listen with your preferred player here

Speaking with Artefact Mag in a recent interview, the British-Iranian singer-songwriter opened up about her experiences being a female artist with connections to Iran.

"When I began to release my own music as a proud British-Iranian female, I was warned to be careful during interviews and public speaking when it came to my experience of Iran and what I had learnt about the shackles the regime had placed upon the country I loved so dearly. I always made sure that I only spoke about my great experiences in Iran and never even considered getting political or touching on the subject of the regime because I was told if I did, I could be putting myself in serious danger if I ever travelled back there and these articles or videos were to come to the authorities attention,” Farrah told Artefact.

“Fast-forward again to September 2022 and my silence is over forever. For good," she adds. "It’s time to use my privilege to free my brothers and sisters in Iran so they too can express themselves however they please."

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