New Music
04.11.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis [MP3]

For too long have we suffered deficits of both attention and ambition.
For too long have we laboured under the sleepy dreams of the reverb pedal.
For too long have we tolerated artists who hide their lack of mastery behind dull mystery.
For too long have we prioritised presets over poetry, Ableton beats over emotions.
For too long have we considered sounding like U2 or The Bad Seeds a bad thing.


Big drums!

OMR002 – Gabriel Bruce ‘Sleep Paralysis’ by Off Modern

Ex-Loverman singer Gabriel Bruce will release a Sleep Paralysis as a book and 7” on Off Modern, the Peckham, London label, events house and occasional Dummy correspondents, on the 5th December 2011

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