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22.03.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Heijmat's 'Where Will It Take Us' Gets a Ramsesboomboom Remix

A new dimension added to the alt-electronic track

Taken from his EP, 'Lost & Found', released earlier this year, 'Where Will It Take Us' features singer-songwriter MRYN on vocals. The original track proved popular for its swelling analogue synths and club-ready production.

The new remix from Ramesboomboom pulls apart the fabric of the track, transforming it into an ambient number that grows to a euphoric climax filled with fluorescent synths and beats punching through the sub-heavy bass.

The project of acclaimed production duo Erik Buschmann and Wannes Salomé, Ramesboomboom's rework resamples MRYN's vocals, giving 'Where Will It Take Us' a fresh twist.

Buschmann explains: “The track and vocals from MRYN had such an inviting nice vibe - we started messing around with the vocals first. While searching for a new sound we were scrolling through a granular synth. That scrolling sound eventually became the foundation for this remix.”

Having created a name for himself producing for the likes of Jack Parow, Kraak & Smaak, MEAU, Merol, Heijmat is the brainchild of multi-platinum award winning mixing engineer and producer, Huub Reijnders. 

Heijmat and Ramesboomboom first connected when the former mixed a track that featured Buschmann on drums. Heijmat immediately fell for Ramesboomboom's "quirky and infectious sound" and reached out for them to remix one of his own releases. 

"I think they took the track to a whole new level," Heijmat added.

'Where Will It Take Us (Ramsesboomboom Remix)' is out now.

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