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30.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Big Deal!"

Big Deal are American Kacey Underwood and Brit Alice Costelloe. Their next single Talk is a piece of lovely bedroom pop. There’s a looseness about the song structure, the lackadaisical twang of the guitars, and the way their pretty yearning voices blend, that makes it instantly endearing. This feels honest, which keeps the not-exactly-new lo-fi formula fresh. Catch them out on tour in April and May, and look out for Talk on Moshi Moshi.


Big Deal.


13 months.

Current location?


Your sound?

Two guitars and two voices. Of DOOM.

How do you record?

We started on Garage Band in our bedrooms, but have since graduated on to other people pressing the record button for us. I would say a lot more is involved but it’s pretty simple on that side.


Our families, Harrison Bergeron, Kitty Pride, Lilt, Cornetto Enigmas.

Last release?

Our last release was our first single, Homework on vinyl a few months ago on Records Records Records Records. We hand-drew each cover.

Next release?

‘Talk’ single with ‘Locked Up’ on the b-side out on April 4th via Moshi Moshi Records, then an album on Mute in the Summer. We will not be hand-drawing the covers.

Next playing?

We’re playing the Camden Crawl on April 30th, then the next day we start the NME Radar tour with Anna Calvi and Grouplove.

How did you two meet and end up being in a band together?

We became friends a year ago and band mates over last summer as our previous bands were quieting down a bit. It happened by accident really, as we started writing together as in experiment. We decided it would be nice not to have to depend on a bunch of people to get things done.

Do your songs come from personal experience? Do you ever find it strange putting your experiences out there for everyone?

They come from experiences real and imagined. It’s always strange but never difficult. If you feel good about the music you can say just about anything. That’s the good part.

Moshi Moshi will release Big Deal’s single ‘Talk’ on April 4th


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