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24.02.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

"Hello, Pariah!"

I first heard Pariah when he remixed The xx’s Basic Space to beautiful cosmic effect back in 2009. Since then he’s put out ‘Detroit Falls/Orpheus’, and double 12” ‘Safehouses’ on R&S. Not to mention making a sunny, garage inflected mix for us. His music is thick and immersive, lushly woven synths meshing with ghostly rhythms, vocals adding an all important emotional depth. I caught him DJing back in december, where Levon Vincent, Instra:mental, Kerri Chandler and Ben Klock all cropped up. Get down in time for his set at our party this friday.

Name? Arthur Cayzer.

Age? 22.

Current location? Whitechapel.

Your sound? Everything I’ve released so far has had a focus on melody and I think there are two sides to what I’ve been doing…. One side is music for headphones and the other side is more club orientated music. My new material, though, is far more focused on being suited to a home-listening environment. I’d say there’s a noticeable development and, though its not world’s apart from the music on ‘Safehouses’, its definitely darker and more introverted.

How you record? I’ve got a pretty basic setup. I don’t really own much hardware so most of my music is just written straight onto a sequencer.

Heroes? Too many to name!

Last release? ‘Safehouses’, a 6 track EP on R&S.

Next release? I have a track appearing on a compilation that R&S are putting together. After that there will be a collaborative EP and then, hopefully by the beginning of next year, an album.

Next playing? After the Dummy party, my next gig is on 4th March at Dunkel Bar in Copenhagen.

Are you recording or writing at the moment? How’s it going? I’m not writing nearly as much as I would like to be because I’m in my final year at university and I’ve got a lot of work to do!

What can we expect from your set on friday? A healthy mixture of house and techno with some upfront stuff thrown in for good measure!

Pariah will play our Dummy party at XOYO on Friday 25th of February

Buy tickets here.


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