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21.06.2024, Words by DMY Staff

hidingthehurt Shares Introspective New Single 'Cardinal Virtues'

"Is life better with virtue or better in hell?"

Fresh from completing law school, the 21-year-old British singer-songwriter just released an album last year, 'From Fieldfare With Love', and has already dropped two singles since.

His latest track, 'Cardinal Virtues', contemplates both internal and external values through a metaphorical and almost religious lens.

Produced by the influential underground figure Mixed Matches, 'Cardinal Virtues' clocks in at just under three minutes but still manages to pack a powerful punch.

Melodic synths, liquid-style drum patterns, and a reverbed guitar solo create a fast-paced tempo that is juxtaposed by hidingthehurt’s lyricism, which ponders themes of materialism, love, and alienation.

On the chorus, hidingthehurt poses a thought-provoking question: "Is life better with virtue or better in hell?" This line encapsulates the song's exploration of the choices that define our perception of Heaven or Hell on Earth.

Reflecting on the track’s core message, hidingthehurt explains, “Living in what you perceive to be Heaven or Hell on Earth stems from what actions you take in conjunction with your thoughts. The choice is ultimately yours.”

Listen to the track via your preferred service here or on Spotify below.

'Cardinal Virtues' is out now via DMY.

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