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30.01.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Industrial-pop artist girl_irl embraces the art of motion in two part single 'lock'

"I wanted it to really encapsulate the energy/anxiety that comes with peak winter dread"

'Industrial-pop' artist girl_irl embraces a slower sound on new single 'lock' and continues to carve out their own lane in the ever-changing axis of electronica, club and rap. A seemingly opposite track to their previous release, 'contort', 'lock' continues to show what a diverse artist they are.

girl_irl: “'lock' was made at the beginning of winter, I wanted to it really encapsulate the energy/anxiety that comes with peak winter dread, the 'sunday scaries' feeling. I made this track with the mindset of mourning past versions of myself and the people that those past versions enjoyed being with. There is a sense of lightness around grieving. The goal was to give it that feeling of waking up from a deep daytime nap combined with a sense of reinvention. Trying to grasp on to that 'new year new me' mentality while the weather is still grim." 

They continue: "I have decided to release this as a two track project with the instrumental to allow the thought process behind the beat to shine. There are violins that emulate breathing after running and a churning beat that paints its own picture. Lots of symbolic textures that resonate with me.”

Formally a touring DJ and an ongoing producer, girl_irl is one of many aliases of Em Perlman. Their perspective of the future and intuition to stay one step ahead of the game allows them to bring familiar yet undiscovered sounds to the fore. Inspired by their diverse roots girl_irl is exploring all aspects of today’s sonic landscape, tapping into new genres and bringing a new sound with it. They don’t just say their genre-less, they prove it.

'lock' follows recent singles 'contort' and 'hypebeast' with fellow DMY artist phonewifey.

Listen to 'lock' via your preferred streaming platform here or download from Bandcamp here.

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'lock' is out now via DMY Artists.

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