New Music
04.07.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Inga Copeland – BMW

Hype Williams, despite (because of?) their laconic provocations and hazed out atmosphere, depict like no-one else the tensions of the urban life in 2012. ‘One Nation’, as we wrote back in March 2011 was a straining for a new romanticism, looking for the fields in all of London’s grime, but they have never so plainly confronted the struggle of living in town like Inga Copeland’s new track, BMW. Over a thumping bass, she sings frankly about the city’s space, mistakes and faith. “The city makes me feel so weak … but when I feel strong, in a city I belong.” Broken blocks and bright lights – Hype Williams still fascinate all through. This track will appear on a 12”, though no word on when and where.

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