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B Liinq Bliinq COVER Ivohé
15.01.2024, Words by Paul Benney

Ivohé unleashes a fusion of reggaeton and jungle with 'bLiinqBliinq'

Sophomore album 'Sin City' scheduled for Spring 2024

German Venezuelan artist Ivohé presents an electrifying blend of reggaeton and jungle/breakbeats on new single 'bLiinqBliinq' - coupled with her signature velvety vocals to produce a bass-driven anthem.

"'bLiinqBliinq' explores how I see internet celebrity culture in recent years on social media, the fun superficiality, always being confident, seemingly self-absorbed and the audience eating this constant self-portrayal up, even if it is nothing like real life. I too am guilty of this. The ultimate escapist fantasy maybe." says Ivohé on the single.

The track offers a tantalising glimpse of what's to come on Ivohé's forthcoming album 'Sin City' slated for release in Spring this year. The album promises a "cinematic exploration of life in a dark and fast-paced metropolis."

Listen to 'bLiinqBliinq' below or via your preferred streaming platform here.

Download 'bLiinqBliinq' via DMY Artists' Bandcamp.

'bLiinqBliinq' is out via DMY Artists.

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