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Jeremiah Jae Bad Jokes
30.07.2013, Words by dummymag

Jeremiah Jae - 'Bad Jokes'

Last week, Jeremiah Jae released a nine-track mixtape called 'Bad Jokes', topping a busy year that has already seen him release a mixtape, a 7", a nutty Beastie Boys edit compilation, and a series of giveaways known as the Black Jungle Radio Project. Keeping on his toes has paid off, as yesterday it was announced that Jae has signed to Warp Records, who have put their name to the 'Bad Jokes' mixtape.

Jae is probably best known for his presence on Brainfeeder, who released his debut album 'Raw Money Raps' last year. Paying testament to that relationship, Flying Lotus pops up on 'Bad Jokes' track Oatmeal Face to offer his production talent. Combine track titles like that with the Adventure Time-style artwork of 'Bad Jokes' and you should be able to get a general vibe of the tape. Stream it on the sidebar, or head here to download it.


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