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21.02.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Jericho Noguera's 'Wildlife' Reflects On Modern Anxiety

The indie riser contemplates contemporary life on new soul-rock single

Describing his music as 'Suburban soul rock,' Jericho Noguera blends soulful sonics with modern rock flavours and a slick pop production.

Gearing up for the release of his debut album, 'Wildlife' arrives as the second taste of what's in store over the coming months.

Rooted in the busy city of Birmingham, a multicultural metropolis with a growing population of over 1.1 million people, Jericho has been feeling an acute sense of modern anxiety as of late. Residing in the suburbs, the rising artist has been reflecting on the expeditious development of the city he's lived in for years, and the intersection of different social pressures. In his new single, Jericho says, "I'm expressing my anxiety and excitement together regarding modern life on the whole, which is something I come back to regularly on the upcoming debut album."

Featuring layered guitars and distant synths, 'Wildlife' evokes a hazy feeling as Jericho laments his growing disconnect with urban life, singing of a world passing him by. A gorgeous, reverb-soaked guitar solo fills the song's bridge. 

The track has caught the attention of indie labels, hinting at great promise for Jericho in 2024. For now though, he's choosing to remain independent, a path many young artists are following as they shift focus to retain ownership of their work.

Listen to the single via your preferred service here or stream on Spotify below:

'Wildlife' is out now via DMY Artists.

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