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31.10.2012, Words by dummymag

JETS - Meu

JETS is a double team project consisting of Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart, AKA Machinedrum. I’m a big fan of both parties – my introduction to Jimmy Edgar was with his Creepy Autograph alias (it seems appropriate to mention this seedy techno given that it’s Halloween), whilst Machinedrum has been responsible for a constant stream of excellent music the last couple of years (not to mention his fantastic Dummy mix ).

Even so, I didn’t necessarily find myself excited when I heard that they were collaborating. I wasn’t not excited, I just wasn’t hyped, and that may have been because I was still engrossed in Jimmy’s most recent album ‘Majenta’, and that barely a week goes by without Machinedrum releasing something or other to get my fix. The two would obviously be great together, but I’ve still got their own material to get through first.

I probably should have been more hyped, though, because the JETS project really is fantastic. Meu is maybe the best of the tracks on their self-titled EP – when you think you’ve got it pegged, things just turn utterly ballistic halfway through. The other three cuts on the EP are great too, and refreshingly, all of them are switch up their vibes and tempos considerably.

JETS is out now on Leisure System.

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