New Music
26.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Julia Holter - Goddess Eyes [MP3]

As the clipped robotised vocal on Goddess Eyes loops up and sets things off it’s soon joined by a clear cut natural one. This is Los Angeles artist Julia Holter duetting with her vocoded self on the new track to emerge from her forthcoming album ‘Tragedy’, out later this month on Leaving Records, a record inspired by Euripedes’ play ‘Hippolytus’. It’s all very man/machine dichotomy, but unlike a lot of music that takes on this theme, the human voice isn’t detached or apocalyptic, but loose, free-flowing and crescendoing with naive, playful feeling. It’s experimental music, but the overall effect is light and hopeful. Her manipulation of voice and sound is theatrical, high rising, a pleasingly steady and subtle shimmering little track, skirting politely around the edges of anthemic.

Leaving Records will release Julia Holter’s album ‘Tragedy’ on 30th August 2011

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