New Music
26.06.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Katie Got Bandz - Drillary Clinton

When people throw the word “drill” around they’re probably thinking of someone like Katie Got Bandz. Steely threats and boasts told in stunted flows, stomping post-Luger beats made for hooks that rarely stretch to more than a few syllables: she has it all. Her second mixtape ‘Drillary Clinton’ largely stays true to those aesthetic principles and where other Chicago rappers who gained wider attention around the same time have showed other sides to the city’s sound – e.g. Sasha Go Hard’s ballads and electro collaborations, Chief Keef’s money and effect-drenched singing – it’s a testament to that raw power.

Almost devoid of guest features and mostly produced by her favoured producer BlockOnDaTrakk, the mixtape is low on novelty and big on excitement; with the nuances in his beats and her lyrics totally devoted to their main target. Admittedly, it also has two wubby things at the very end, which is slightly unfortunate but also kind of inevitable considering Katie Got Bandz’s talent for anthemic vocals – just ignore those if you want. Stream and download ‘Drillary Clinton’ below:

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