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25.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Kelly Rowland featuring Lil' Wayne – Motivation (The-Dream remix) [MP3]

I wasn’t that keen on Kelly Rowland’s Motivation when I first heard it – like a lot of R&B hits this year, it sounded harsh and a little cheap, and Lil Wayne’s verse was awful. There’s been a real rise in quick-burners – songs that sound amazing first time, good second time, unlistenable fourth – and this seemed to be so accelerated that I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

All that had to happen, of course, was for The-Dream to remix the song. Adding a verse on one of his favourite subjects, the ability of love to make us better people, he both softens the beats and heightens the emotion, making a work of such pure melody and kindness that we’re going to start calling him our century’s Cole Porter. The-Dream is currently working on the fourth album in his Love series, ‘Love IV’, but for now, download his MP3 above.

The-Dream is working on ‘Love IV’, his fourth solo album

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