New Music
13.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Kindness – World You Need A Change Of Mind (album stream)

Transparency isn’t always the wisest option. Brooklyn-based artist Kindness (aka Adam Bainbridge) is living proof that keeping some of the mystery in music isn’t at all a bad thing. While information on the new album release has circulated under a veil of secrecy, while the title ‘World, You Need a Change of Mind’ is really saying a lot about where he’s coming from.

Realising his own unique vision in a bath of romantic escapism, Kindness explores a rich history of soft, spare R&B. The option of music as pure escapism – lost among many a cynical and downbeat ‘cleverer-than-thou’ musician – is captured in the groovy optimism of Anyone Can Fall in Love and dreamy funk of Cyan. Sharing powerful similarities to organic-disco forefather Arthur Russell, the album and songs like SEOD remind us “try to lose yourself in song”. The album is out on Polydor sub-label Female Energy and you can hear the full album stream on the Guardian website.

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