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14.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Last great track: Pictureplane

Denver artist Pictureplane and his brand of DIY art rave has been interesting us for a while now – he chose his top songs for 2009 for us. He’s playing a DJ set at our SXSW party on March 19th, so we got him to tell us about what music he’s currently loving.

Frank Ocean – Swim Good

Frank Ocean – Swim Good [ODFWGKA]

“The track I have recently been loving is “swim good” by Frank Ocean. I blogged about him at my blog recently (

Frank is a really good example of the state of the music industry in 2011… he was signed to a major label last year or so, and they never did anything with him, so he said fuck it and put this mixtape out DIY style and is getting famous because of it… these big cat labels have no taste at all…

He is involved in the OFWGKTA crew but is a lot different, obviously because he is an RnB singer and is in his early 20’s…

I have been listening to a ton of RnB lately. It was a huge influence on my vocal styling on my new album I just finished.

Frank Ocean’s mixtape is just ok in my opinion, there are a few really shit songs (I really don’t want to hear ANYone sing over Hotel California) but Swim Good is just perfect. It just has a timeless swag, and frank really conveys an honest emotion and insecurity that is rare in most “mainstream” RnB. This shit is just straight up gangster. Melancholy party music. I don’t know how anyone could deny this song, it should be playing on the radio.”

Pictureplane will DJ at on Saturday 19th Of March



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