New Music
19.03.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Lil B - Bazaar Model

The revered and reviled Lil B releases new music like it’s everything to him (because it is) and uploaded Bazaar Model onto his Youtube account just a couple of weeks after his mammoth mixtape ‘Gods Father’ hit the net. The mixtape showed much of the softer side to his distinctive world but this track sees the Bay Area rapper in a very deep and dark mood. The reversed scattering funk beat gives the track an off-kilter breathless push and Lil B crashes all over the place rhyming Gucci with booty, namedropping Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell and dripping with fashion photographer sleaze.

The higher reaches of the Based World can remain closed off to any but the most dedicated at times but the reference to Jay-Z in one of the lines and Maybach in another suggests the song may be a skewed take on the relationship between rap and high fashion and particularly the rabid opulence in Jay and Kanye West’s recent ‘Watch the Throne’ project. All his caption gives us is “THIS IS FOR MY RUN WAY GIRLS, EVERY GIRL GOT IT. JUST GOTA SEE IT IN YOURSELF – Lil B” so we’ll keep guessing. Listen to Bazaar Model below:

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