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01.09.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Lil B - I Forgive You [stream]

Hot on the heels of his recent fully-realised album ‘I’m Gay (I’m Happy)’, the infamous herald of Based music and philosophy is back with another of his countless mixtapes. ‘I Forgive You’ covers the sprawling spectrum of B’s different musical directions; songs such as I’m 2 Real are more conventionally-produced and sample-heavy which force B out of his comfort zone and make him deviate from his usually sloppy flow to keep pace, while I’m In The Streetz and Take A Picture BasedGod see him continue in his Pretty Boy vein with thudding bass and chanted obscenities. Then there are the tracks produced by Aeon Flex, like Tonight (stream below), whose lush melodic backdrops see B at his most affecting, dropping disarmingly sincere verses which highlight his uniquely heartfelt approach to his own brand of often cryptic, poetic lyricism. Overall, it’s a perfect distillation of the Based God’s sporadic brilliance, an overview of his artistic meanderings, which presents him as a truly revolutionary presence in hip hop music.

Download the full ‘I Forgive You’ mixtape here

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