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01.06.2012, Words by dummymag

Lil B - Water Is D.M.G. Pt.1

The latest musical output from Brandon McCartney AKA Lil B AKA BasedGod takes the form of a 110-minute, 32-track long mixtape. Known very well for his lengthy and numerous solo releasing, he’s already reached the thirties in mixtape / album numbers since 2010, and so it’s no surprise he’s got another out now. There’s a range of different beat bases which he lays his slow, nonchalant voice over in ‘Water Is D.M.G. Pt.1’, from the funkiness of tracks The Season and Pain And Misery to the grimey electronica of I Tot Iann. If you haven’t already had a go at listening to at least some of the many tunes he’s put out, the BasedGod is actually putting out pretty decent hip hop, even at this swift rate.

The mixtape’s been given the bracketed second title, ‘Very Rare Collector’s Tape’, though we’ve noticed the combination of calling something rare and then giving it out for free on the eternal pages of the internet doesn’t quite fit. You can stream ‘Water Is D.M.G. Pt.1’ via the player below. And do it quickly otherwise Pt.10 will be out before you’re done.

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