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Ryan Docherty Nite Hands Baby I
04.10.2016, Words by dummymag

Listen: Ryan Docherty & Nite Hands - Baby I

Ryan Docherty lives on a small island near Glasgow called Bute, and has been cutting his teeth with an overwhelmingly Scottish signature blend of trance, hardstyle, glitch and turntablism (mentored by DMC contender Ritchie Rufftone) around the Glaswegian student scene for a few years now, but it’s his recent experiments in his lab with analogue drum machines and synthesizers that have started to get him noticed a little further from home.

Alongside the mysterious UK-based Nite Hands, Docherty has truly created something special in Baby I, with swooning vocals and synth work hidden under dusty filter play and crunchy drum programming creating a feel that's reminiscent of spinning out at an after-party.

Listen below and be assured that this is definitely the sound of a "late one".

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