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11.06.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Lizzie Esau's 'What If I Just Kept Driving' is about "gaining comfort and solace from the mental noise"

The upbeat track juxtaposes the anxiety that people feel when going through hard times...

Growing up in a family of creatives meant that Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Lizzie Esau discovered her love for performing early on in life. Now forging her own path, the alt-pop artist shares her energetic new single ‘What If I Just Kept Driving’.

Known for attacking a range of styles such as dance and funk, the emerging talent experiments with bedroom pop on her latest release as she turns her attention to coping mechanisms and finding therapy in everyday tasks. With its catchy melodies and upbeat Lo-Fi sound, the track juxtaposes the anxiety that people feel when going through hard times.

“The words of the song came to me first. I was feeling pretty stressed out about life and as the journey rolled on, I realised that the act of being in the car was almost meditative. Then the idea of ‘What if I just kept driving’ came to me. The act of doing something – driving/diving/running can bring comfort and solace from the mental noise. This song is about mental health and how doing something can change the dynamic inside your head,” says Lizzie about the single.

“The Music came later, I used the piano and logic software to play around with some chords that were swimming around in my head. I realised that I needed the rap/spoken word lyrics to explain the feelings in more depth. Steve Grainger, the producer on this song, was great at refining the sound and adding guitars and new drums.”

Directed by Sel MacLean, the video takes place across a number of picturesque locations while Lizzie performs in the company of some skateboarders.

We’ve been working with Lizzie on the new track and video via our DMY Artists.

Watch the video for ‘What If I Just Kept Driving’ below or listen with your preferred player here.

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