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02.04.2014, Words by Anthony Walker

Lone - 2 is 8

Matthew "Lone" Cutler has revealed full details of his new album 'Reality Testing' – appeasing anxious fans who spotted a pre-order link on Bleep last month.

So, what do you now know? The LP is said to bring together a wider range of influences than his previous: with his well-loved hardcore rave mixed with techno, house, jungle and hip-hop. Lone himself has this to say about the project: "I see it as like a diary, really, a real document of the last year of making it. In a lot of the tracks there's sounds I've sampled and recorded of me just being in the studio, and leaving the microphone running – you're almost in there with me. I wanted it to be a representation of the different moods and emotions that went into making it – just as real and honest as possible.” 

2 is 8, a boom-bap beat with some gorgeous synthwork and an irrepressible child-like spirit taken from the album, is streaming here. Peep the full tracklist below.


01. First Born Seconds
02. Restless Cities
03. Meeker Warmer Energy
04. Aurora Northern Quarter
05. 2 is 8
06. Airglow Fires
07. Coincidences
08. Begin To Begin
09. Jaded
10. Vengeance Video
11. Stuck
12. Cutched Under

R&S Records release 'Reality Testing' on June 13th 2014.

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