New Music
06.03.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Main Attrakionz - cLOUDLIFE

Main Attrakionz have teamed up with alt-hip hop dons Anticon to release a new EP ‘cLOUDLIFE’. The name is a play on the ‘cloud rap’ tag that has been used to describe MondreM.A.N.‘s and Squadda B’s hazy sound and the early-2000s experimental hip hop group cLOUDEAD and the geographic and stylistic affinities are clear. The EP showcases the pair’s diversity and its also nice to see them giving a head nod to an important but probably under-appreciated influence. ‘cLOUDLIFE’ is now available to stream below, and can also be purchased from the Rad Reef Bandcamp.

The combination works well and producers Jel and Zachg offer two takes on the MA sound with the confrontational Chap 3 and So Whut alongside the slower and more expansive J Bar and Take Her Shoppin. The final track on the EP is positively dreamy extended cut that strays into post-rock territory with piano, sweeping strings and a full on, crooning plea at the chorus. As far as rap goes it’s just about as straight as a love song can get.

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