New Music
14.08.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Main Attraktionz – TAG CHAMPZ BUNDLE / Rythym & Zone (mixtape streams)

Two new mixtapes were recently uploaded to Main Attraktionz’s label bandcamp, Squadda B alerted on Twitter. This is big news because Oakland, California Main Attrakionz are some of the best rappers in the underground, producing cloud rap of integrity and grit. You really should be on top of them by now, because they’ve produced lots of great music already and we’ve banged on about them before, but to be frank lots of good music comes out, and it’s easy to miss some of it, so not to worry all in all.

‘Tag Champz Bundle’ is a straight-up MA mixtape, while Rythym & Zone is a solo work by Mondre Man with producer nem270, which is important if you understand what those words mean, and probably not if you don’t. Anyway, dig in to the below, please, because you’ll kick yourself if it takes another six months before they’re your favourite rap band, you really will.

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