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15.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Mark Fell - Manitutshu (A New Algorithm)… LatelyBass And NewElectro, Attack Pulse Hat [MP3]

Mark Fell’s (one half of production pair SND) approach to synth music is minimalist, simple, and by that virtue, a lot cleverer than many who build tracks by throwing as much noise as possible at them. He’s put out two albums for that most consistently interesing of synthesized music releasers Editions Mego, the latest of which, ‘Manitutshu’ came out last May. The label allowed this track for download a short while ago, and it’s worth revisiting if you missed it the first time around, and also in light of the fact he’ll be playing a show this weekend in London as part of the Bold Tendencies series of live events.

The bareness of the track is what stands out. Fizzling analogue lines, silences, a sample of a woman speaking in French breaking things up. There’s no hiding behind haze or towering noise, every sound is right there and accessible. It’s a streamlined approach which gives the track an unmissable physicality and immediacy.

Editions Mego released Mark Fell’s album ‘Manitushu’ on 23rd May 2011

Mark Fell will play We Can Allude Control @ Bold Tendencies on 20th August 2011

Details here

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