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01.06.2012, Words by dummymag

Micachu and The Shapes - OK

Micachu and The Shapes are releasing a new album this summer by the name of ‘Never’, and the first single from it is the similarly simply-titled OK, put out yesterday. Micachu AKA Mica Levi has been making music since she was a littl’un but ‘Never’, released via Rough Trade on July 23rd, will only be the second album with band The Shapes, following on from 2009’s ‘Jewellery’.

OK is made up of Mica’s murmuring, distant talking / singing; “Don’t tell me how to have fun”, background crashes of pop-y guitar and drums that purposely drag their proverbial feet across the ground for the three and a half minute duration of the song. Though, all this is lifted by the the regular intervals of higher pitched rings and singing “Are you sure you’re ok?” which give it a bit of melody.

You can stream OK below.

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