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02.09.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Michael Mayer - That's What I Told Sanchez [MP3]

This month Kompakt released the 12th in their long running compilation series, ‘Kompakt Total 12’, which carries new tracks from Wolfgang Voight, The Modernist and Superpitcher among others. They’re now allowing this Michael Mayer (Kompakt label head) track from the record for download, and it’s about as slickly dark and pulsating a techno drive as you would expect. The label describes it as “slightly psychotic” – only slightly note – which is about right. Starting off with some background fuzz, a few warped sirens, before powering forward as a solid, competent, techno march inflected with the odd brooding spacey sound effect.

Kompakt released ‘Kompakt Total 12’ on 15th August 2011

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