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14.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Midland versus Wikipedia

I first came across Midland when he collaborated with Ramadanman on the Aus Music released ‘Your Words Matter/More Than You Know’, with its techno grooves bent to the swing and fluttering vocals of UK garage on the A-side, and the more sinister leanings of the flip. His next release on Phonica, ‘Play The Game’ continued in that shadowy aesthetic, break-step with cinematic scope, awash with whispery atmosphere. Next week he’ll put out the ‘Bring Joy’ EP on More Music, which further adds to his distinctive widescreen, high-emotion take on the spaces between techno and 2-step. In anticipation of the release, we asked him to talk wikipedia.

Who are you?

I’m Harry. A curry enthusiast currently living in Leeds.

What do you want?

Well apart from world peace, I would really like some new clothes. Problem is every time I think I can afford them, a new record or synth will come along and send me right off track again.

How do you record?

I make music using Logic 7 on my I Mac. I have recently bought a midi keyboard and have started a long overdue love affair with it, sitting for hours playing chords I don’t know the name of. No two creative processes are the same for writing a tune, obviously I employ certain production techniques more than once but the inspiration and starting point is always new. It often revolves around programming a nice synth patch or writing a good beat and then piecing it together like a puzzle.

What do you sound like?

No idea, you tell me.

What are your favorite wikipedia links?

More Music will release Midland’s ‘Bring Joy’ EP on March 21st


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