New Music
12.04.2013, Words by Anthony Walker

Mike G - 'Verses'

Mike G, a talented but lesser-known Odd Future rapper and producer, is probably best known for stepping onto tracks like the crew cut Oldie and slowing them to his super composed, almost regal, pace. He has just compiled a list of these features as ‘Verses’ – a 13 song download quaintly described as “a compilation of tracks for new and prior fans to enjoy”. He mostly plies his trade on tracks with local rappers like Hodgy Beats, Speak! and Joey Fatts but also includes his contribution to Charli XCX’s hyperballad You’re The One and impressive, stand-alone manifestos like Dead Wrong. Download ‘Verses’ by clicking here and watch the video to the 2Pac-sampling closer Los Angeles with Jack Mushroom below.

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