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18.01.2013, Words by dummymag

Mozart's Sister - Mozart's Sister

Mozart’s Sister is the stage name adopted by Caila Thompson-Hannant, whose ‘Hello’ EP will be released in February. When Dummy first interviewed Caila last year, she was asked about where her name came from. Explaining that inspiration had come from Mozart’s talented but entirely forgotten sister, Caila talked passionately about invisible pressures and limitations as a woman – suggesting that “there‚Äôs some aspect of seeking a sense of surrender as freedom”.

On this eighties-infused synth track, the artist really explores this idea of her namesake, with an air of aching acceptance in the chorus really causing it to soar. Talk on Mozart’s Sister seems to have focused on comparisons to the likes of Grimes – who, like Caila, emerged on the Montreal scene. But in its razor-sharp execution, Mozart’s Sister owes less to Claire Boucher’s post-internet experimentalism, and more to an artist like Robyn. It also has weightier ideas running under its varnished surface than are typically associated with fluffy synth pop. Take a listen for yourself below.

Merok will release the ‘Hello’ EP on the 25th February

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