New Music
03.08.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Mr. Mitch - Tash Wax/Super Freak

Mr. Mitch has already shown his ability to tread the stranger edges of grime with releases but this latest single sees him reign in his experimentation to create two tracks that channel his distinct sound into more straightforward instrumentals. Tash Wax begins with a synth-line reminiscent of early Roll Deep (something MIK picks up on his freestyle over the beat) before it kicks into rhythm and the brawny Superfreak does something similar by taking choral vocals as the introduction to a explosion of Gothic bass and stuttering drums. Simple and strong, it is a more direct but no less rewarding listen from the producer.

Mr. Mitch – Tash Wax / Super Freak [GOB006] by Gobstopper Records

Tash Wax/Super Freak will be released digitally by Gobstopper Records on the 24th of August

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