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24.03.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Mumdance Versus Wikipedia

Mumdance is Sussex born producer Jack Adams. He’s been releasing records for the past couple of years, including last years ‘Tarahtid’ EP on No Hats No Hoods, and the ‘Mum Decent’ EP on Mad Decent. His work is fun and energetic. Find out for yourself when he plays this Saturday.

Who are you?

My Name is Jack Adams and I make music under the guise “Mumdance”.

What do you want?

I want my broken elbow to heal properly so i can get this fucking bionic arm brace off. I look like a budget robocop right now.

How do you record?

Its different every time really & depends where I am. If I’m travelling I’ll work off my laptop with headphones and a tiny little korg midi keyboard. If I’m at my studio then it depends how lazy I’m feeling. I primarily work digitally, but more and more I am starting to do my own field recordings & finding original weird sounds out in the real world which I go and record, then mangle. I always try to switch up my song writing style & process as much as I can, primarily because it keeps it interesting for me, and secondarily because I like my sound to evolve and keep moving.

What do you sound Like?

That’s for you to decide really, I like to leave things open to interpretation. I enjoy playing on certain cultural cues or musical idioms to make someone think in a certain direction while listening to a track, but then try and turn all of that on its head by the end of the tune. Without getting too wanky, I guess the long and short of it is: I just sound like how I feel on the day that I made the tune.

What are your favourite wikipedia links?

Mumdance will play ‘Apocalypso Versus Dummy’ on March 26th


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