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23.05.2012, Words by dummymag

Just Friends (Nicolas Jaar & Sasha Spielberg) – Avalanche

22-year-old Nicolas Jaar has been making eerie electronic music since he was 17 in America, and is now worthy enough of doing a BBC Radio 1 Essential mix. His slowed down minimal house style makes a great canvas for interesting variation, as we’ve witnessed on his track with daughter of good old Steven Spielberg. Jaar premiered the track with her on his two-hour Essential Mix last Friday; her name is Sasha and she has a very pretty voice.

If you’re familiar with Nicolas Jaar, you might know he holds a particular fondness for folk and rock singer Leonard Cohen and his collaboration with Miss Spielberg is another testament to his respect for the legend. Sasha distantly and softly sings lyrics from Cohen’s Avalanche released on the ‘Songs of Love and Hate’ album in 1971. Jaar isn’t the first to feature Cohen’s Avalanche in his music – the lesser-known DJ Rum slips in a little sample of his into the end of his remix of The Drop’s Looking to The Sky.

One lovely YouTuber has ripped the Sasha Spielberg and Nicolas Jaar tune for us to hear on its own – you can listen below.

Thanks to Fact Mag for pointing this one out.

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